A Money Cake for March Break (Family Bites)


  • Welcome! I'm Jan, a Canadian food writer & party planner with a specialty in celebrations for kids. I'm the Food Editor for SavvyMom Media & a contributor to several other family-focused publications. I live in Toronto with my husband and our two tween sons.

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Amy @ A Stool at the Counter

What a fun idea. I have never heard of this before either. GORGEOUS cake though, kinda making my mouth water...it's probably not helping that I super hungry right now...

Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

SO neat! I've heard of money cakes but never seen one.

Kirsten T

My mom used to make these for our birthdays, but she stuck the coins in after it was baked but before frosting it (and she didn't wrap them, which was quite gross now that I think about it haha). Just be careful with really young children that they don't choke!


I also remember having the money cake when I was little. I am sure the reason that we have not seen them is that moms are worried about the choking hazard. Especially if it is someone else kid!

Jan Scott

Hi Johanna - Im sure youre right, although I think it would fine for older kids, like mine (10 and 11).

Jan Scott

Thanks, Amy!

Jan Scott

Thats funny, Kirsten! Yes, choking is a hazard for younger kids for sure, but I think older ones could handle.  Plus, they would know to be looking for the coins.


I remember my Mom making these cakes when we were kids (she used waxed paper to wrap the coins). Until this post, I had forgotten all about them. What a neat treat for your boys. This would be fun to do in cupcakes too, every other cupcake in a batch ;)

Jan Scott

Great idea to use cupcakes, Paula!  Im going to try that next time....


Money cake!! Looooove it!!!


I remember having money when I was a kid and that was 50 years ago,lol. My Dad just made one for my Grandsons his great Grandsons but we just boiled the money (loonies as well) and stuck them into their cut pieces. They wanted to eat the whole cake so they could get more money :)


Doesn't the money melt? Or the foil?
And do you have a recipe for the cake in those pictures? Looks delicious!

Jan Scott

HI Lola!  No, the foil and the money dont melt (surprising, I know) and as for the cake, I cant remember which recipe I used, but your favourite one will work just fine.

diane dawson

we had these also when i was a kid. my mom would also but other things in safety pins buttons etc. each meant something eg. if you got the button you were going to be an old maid. has anyone heard of this i am looking for the different objects and what they meant.


I remember money cakes when I was young (born in 1964)... but my mom would put the money in after it was baked and then mark each spot with a toothpick when she frosted it. This way, each child got a coin (back when 10 cents meant something!!) and the birthday child would get a quarter! Eating of the cake was supervised closely lol...

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