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  • Updated almost daily. I am a mama of two, part-time event coordinator and aspiring food writer who is passionate about families spending time together in the kitchen. This space is a hodgepodge of recipes made for and with my children. Also included: cookbook reviews, fun party ideas, giveaways and much more. I live in Toronto, ON.

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Childrens Kitchens

What a great idea for a blog. I'm an avid cook and thoroughly enjoy cooking for others. When our kids were growing up I never took the time to introduce them to the kitchen, and as a result my 26 year old son still thinks going to a restaurant or drive-through is dinner. Our daughter has just recently gotten interested in cooking and wants to learn, but now that she's out of the house she doesn't get the hands on experience she would have gotten if I had taken the time with her while she was still living at home.

Now we have a grandson who wants to be in the kitchen all the time. We give him little tasks that he can tackle, and he spends lots of time on a stool at the kitchen sink spraying and cleaning everything. Last year we bought him a pretend play kitchen and he's always making us coffee and cupcakes and whatever else he's in the mood for on that particular day.

It's fun to cook with him and watch him imitate me in his own little kitchen. I just wish I would have taken more time to enjoy my own kids helping me out in the kitchen instead of always being in such a rush to get dinner on the table.

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