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This looks like a great recipe! I have been a little afraid to try many mixed dishes but lately my youngest (8 years old) has stated that Indian food is his absolute favourite. He also loves steak and soy sauce (with chicken). Not all soba noodles are gluten-free but when they are they are a great option for those who require it.

Jan Scott

Thank you for stopping by. It is a good recipe...we really enjoyed it. That's great that your eight year old loves Indian food. My boys do as well, and I'm so pleased that they enjoy the different flavours. I assumed that because soba noodles were made from buckwheat flour they were gluten free, but perhaps I'm wrong? I did some research before I posted and it seemed that was the case (maybe it's just the brand I use) so thank you for letting me know otherwise. I will have to ammend the post slightly.

amy lee

great recipe, and great blog! I have ya bookmarked!

Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food

Oh, I take it back. I refreshed (F5) and now I can see the soba photo... will try again the dirt cake.

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