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Ohh, goodie! A free food pack? For real? :-) Here's an idea: http://jas.familyfun.go.com/recipefinder/display?id=50508. Delicious Dinner Chinese Dumplings! Yeah, ok, so they're wontons, but just fold the dough into triangles, and hey presto: Chinese Dumplings! LOL I've made this gazillions of times (well, maybe not gazillions :-)) and it's absolutely delicious and tastes much more dreamy and delicate than your typical Chinese Take Out Dumpling soup. Yeah, folding the dumplings is tedious, but enlist a little helper, and you'll be on your way to a dumpling soup that Chinaland can only about. Another cute "D" recipe, perfect for the Autumn lunchbox? Doughnut Acorns! Absolutely adorable! http://jas.familyfun.go.com/recipefinder/display?id=41005


I am SO making this! What a great idea!

Jan Scott

I hope you like...they're really yummy!

Ginger & Pickle

dates squares?? wow! D is a hard one! LOL Awesome idea with the cucumber cups! Will do this for sure!

Jan Scott

Dumplings! Great idea...I love this one. My husband actually thought of
donuts as well but I just wasn't sure that I had enough time to make them
this week. Perhaps later in the fall I'll make some apple


LOL :-) Fabulous. Thanks! The dumplings really beat the Chinese restaurant’s fare hands down and are absolutely lovely. Please do feature doughnuts sometime, if you ever get the chance! :-) I've never thought I could make my own doughnuts in my own kitchen, but I've dreamed, of course! :-)

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