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I would love to win this book!!


Here is my comment, any comment, and I would definatly enjoy this read. :-) Happy (sporadic?) Monday! :-)


That is such a great cover...

Trisha N

I would love to read it.


This is on my list to read and I would love to win it!


Thanks for the chance to win - sounds like a super read!


i haven't commented before, but enjoy your blog. i have two children who are pickier than i'd like--a husband too! this book sounds really interesting and hopefully would give me some great new ideas toward raising more adventurous eaters!


Love your site. Would love to read this. Thanks for all the great ideas.

Ginger & Pickle

Thanks so much for the chance! This book sounds awesome! XO

Jan Scott

I see you have a blog now too...hurray! I look forward to many visits


I would love to read this book -- I love cooking and eating with my toddler and husband and we sure aim to do just that: raise an adventurous eater. Some weeks go better than others . . .


Sounds like fun - I've got 2 picky eaters myself. An 8 month old who will only eat what she herself can put in her mouth and a 2 year old who regularly proclaims that she will eat "NOTHING!" at dinner tonight.

Thanks for your blog - I've forwarded it on to many friends.


I'd love this... thanks so much! Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

Lane C

I want to win this for this book for my friend, who talks about making our boys non-picky eaters. (and I always chuckle thinking that is an impossible task, until my son was eating swiss chard off her plants like a dinosaur last week...)


Oooh..I love this book!Fingers crossed :0)


Happy Monday! Happy Cooking...........
Love your blog an inspiration to us all

Thanks alot...



My toddler has good and bad days with adventurous eating - but I'd love to read this book to get more ideas for the good days!


I read some of this book online (you can read the first couple of chapters on the book's website).
I'd love to check out the rest!


I would love this book. I have 3 soon to be 4 young children and would love ideas to make them more adventurous eaters.


Oooh, this sounds like a great read! What a fun giveaway!


Sounds like a fun read!! Thanks!!!

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