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Another fabulous idea! Kolbassa is the only K food I can think of before my second cup of coffee - but it would cube up nicely for a kabob. For my gluten-free son I might try leftover toasted and buttered g-free sandwich buns. They are thick and not crumbly. Or just skip the bread and send crackers on the side. I am starting to get excited about lunch boxes! Will wonders never cease!


Great idea! That looks very yummy; a great way to think outside the (lunch)box! :-) Keep the great ideas coming! Here's another K idea: Kugelhopf, the original bundt cake, which can actually be more like a delicate coffe cake, if you do it the American way: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kugelhopf


How about Korma (a great way to introduce a mild curry to the family) with Naan or rice? Or Kofta meatballs - my girls like them baked served with pita, tzatziki and a greek salad - and they're an easy way to involve the bigger kids in the kitchen to help roll the meatballs out... I'm so glad I found this blog, what a fun way to get new ideas for the family dinner table. Thanks!

Trinity Mommy

What a wonderful idea! I cant wait to try this with my kiddos!


Those Kebabs are making me hungry just looking at them....

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