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Great recipe as I have lots of zucchini in my garden and not sure what to do with!
My recipe for L-Lemons is Lemon loaf that my girls love. Has lots of other great things in it and packes well in their laptop lunches!
* Can be made into mini-muffins as well but the loaf is easier if short on time.


Jan Scott

I couldn't agree with you more - I'm a big fan of the loaf. I wanted to do
some loaf recipes for "L" but decided to save them for after this A to Z

Urbanbarefoot Mama

Brilliant! I was just trawling the internet looking for more zucchini recipes to help me get through my very large (and still growing) pile of Zucchinis!
My favourite lemon recipe is lemon pots... little pots of lemon loveliness!
Thanks once more for the inspiration.

Maureen Ocampo

Just curious as zucchini sizes vary... approximately how much grated zucchini did you wind up with? Thanks, Maureen

Jan Scott

Sorry about that...great question..I would say about a cup and half...


Just wanted to let you know that I made these yesterday and they are delicious! My toddler gobbled up two after his nap and I had to restrain him not to eat more. We're looking forward to enjoying the rest in the days to come.

Jan Scott

Oh great! Thanks for letting me know that they worked out for you.

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