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Sounds divine. We do our coco with thick, raw milk, organic unsweetened coco, and honey. Mmmmmmmmmmmm


I can't imagine living somewhere that is cold already! I am in Alabama and still wearing flip flops every day. But hot cocoa does sound really good. When it starts getting cold I will have to try this! Thanks for sharing.



Here in South Africa, i cant really imagine what its like to get that cold ever. But it does get cool here at night so we love cocoa. We are in the midst of spring here and loving it. I have never used honey in my cocoa and it sounds great, so i will have to tag this idea for next year.....

Jan Scott

It's so cold here this morning that there is black ice on some of the roads.  If you don't know, it's ice that's almost invisible to the eye but covers the streets.  We're sitting a zero degrees celsius and it's frigid.  Having said that, it's about twelve degrees cooler than normal.  Canada is not usually this cold in mid-October.  I think it would be really interesting to experience Spring in this month.  We're so used to it being the quintessential Fall month here.

Mary L.

Hi MBM! :) This is one of my favorite recipes on your site, yet! It looks delish! Do your kids like honey over sugar? And also, when will you be staging the promised giveaway for the A-Z series (it ended eons ago! :)).

Jan Scott

Hi Mary - 
I know, I know...I've been so swamped with my day job the past few days and will have the winners posted before the end of the week, with the printable ideas list, I promise!

As for the hot cocoa, I don't even think my kids notice if there is sugar or honey or vice versa...I just preferred honey in this as it complimented the cinnamon nicely.  

Ginger & Pickle

yum!!! I hope you're listening to the Chocolat soundtrack as you drink this! You're making me think about doing just that! Such a great movie! Hasn't this been a crazy cold October in Ontario? We're right on Lake Huron. I remember last Thanksgiving being able to go for a walk in our t-shirts after supper... oh well! More reason for hot chocolate!


Sounds wonderful! I love cinnamon in my hot chocolate too, but I've never made it this way! Can't wait to give this a try!

Mary L.

Much thanks for your kind answer! :) I can only imagine how busy you are, so kudos for running such a wonderful blog in the midst of your working scheduale and mom-job! :) I guess if your kids don't notice the sugar to honey switch, it will probably taste good with the honey! :) Thanks for the tip.

Mary L.

Thanks for the kind answer, MBM. :) I can only imagine how busy you must be, so kudos for running such a wonderful blog amidst a job and mom-job! And thanks for the tip about the sugar to honey switeroo. I guess if your kids didn't notice it, it must taste pretty yummy! :)

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