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I can't wait to try this with the butternut squash coming in this week's CSA box! Thanks for sharing! And Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! (My friend celebrates it with her husband's family and says they have to have french fries and gravy... is this a traditional thing or just something their family made up?)

Jan Scott
Thank you!  I love the sounds of your friend's Thanksgiving but I think it's something her family must've made up.  While we do love our French fries and gravy here in Canada, a traditional holiday meal is made up of turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, lots of veggie side dishes, pumpkin pie etc.


That sounds fantastic... I mean maple and curry... delicious! So glad I found this one!

Mary L.

Hmmm...just a quickie question for thoes of us in the dark...why does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving? I know it's holiday that originated in North America, but I didn't know it was that north. :-) Of course, I could look it up on Wikipedia, but why not hear it from a Canadian!? :-)


That sounds more like it to me! ;)

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