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Ginger & Pickle

Congratulations! You made it to Z!!! It has been LOTS of fun following you... I now have a heap of new recipes and awesome ideas!
Thank you so much! It's been Zesty! (that's my Z contribution!!!)


Yum! Thanks for all the a-z recipes; it was fun and a good idea. You seem to like the Zucchini thing, lately. :-) Good idea! What about Zesty lemon ices? :-)


This recipe and the rich and earthy photos has grabbed me! I love all of the ingredients and can't wait to combine the flavors. Looks very good....very good!


Made these muffins this past weekend and I love them. My family did not really want to try them but that's OK, more for me! They are perfect for when I need a quick healthy snack for when I'm on the go.

Jan Scott

I'm so glad you liked them.  My husband and I liked them as well but my boys weren't too convinced.  My oldest thought they were okay and my youngest declared them "not his kind of food"!

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I love your Z muffin..

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