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I love loaves, too, for all the reasons you do. I always come back to my mom's banana bread from her New Orleans cookbook that she got on her honeymoon. It is very simple and banana-y and sweet. Sometimes with nuts, sometimes not. Lately I am working with gluten-free flours, and also need nut-free for my kids' school. Haven't come up with any super-duper yummy winners yet, although did not too badly with a zucchini version - if only I had written down what mixture of flours I used!


This looks wonderful! How did you know that I need to make something for a gathering tonight and that I have a new bag of dried cranberries and lots of apples that need to be used? Perfect recipe for me to make this morning and take tonight. Thanks!

I love the idea of a tea/coffee shop with lots of tea breads. Easy and yummy.


This looks delicious. I would love your banana bread recipe. I have one but it always comes out too wet. Perhaps an apricot/walnut loaf would also be a nice variation to this recipe.


Sound delicious.
I'm sorry if this is a very silly question, but I always get very confused by American recipes, because in here there is usually only one kind of flour, I guess all purpose, so what should I do? any ideas?
Thank you.


This looks delicious! We love loaves too... almost as much as we love muffins. Some of our favorites include chocolate chip banana, sour cream banana, and pumpkin-pecan. I so love your idea of the bread and tea shop too. I can just imagine how warm and cozy it would be and the delicious smells! I wish I was there right now!

Mary Smith

I'd like to try it!

Jan Scott

Hi Ann - I hope you enjoyed the recipe!


Yum! I made this last night for a parents mtg we held at our house - it went over very well and tastes great with chai tea. I ended up combining all the wet ingredients and sugar and then adding to the dry. Oh, and used Epicure apple pie spice. I'll surely make this again - thanks!
As for my fav loaf - must be banana with ??? There are always overripe ones to use in my house!

Jan Scott

Hi - Yes, use all purpose flour and it will work just fine.

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