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Melanie Sand

Most definitely - meat and potatoes!


I, as the mother of 2 boys and a very hungry husband would have to agree that this book would be useful in our household.

My boys are still little 2 and 4. My oldest had always been picky but suddenly has taken to eating all of his dinner and often asks for seconds. He now loves steak, chicken, potatoes, broccoli...we are still working on soup and eating more veggies.

I could write a novel about food and kids so I will wrap up and say this book would be a wonderful resource.

Thanks for the offer and your blog.



My kind of book! We have two boys already and I have a feeling there are no little girls in my future(hubby has 7 brothers).

My 4 yo loves to cook with me and is quite the blossoming little chef. He can roll a mean meatball--which is probably his favorite thing to eat, along with spaghetti, of course.


I am a mother of 3 (2 girls,one boy) and my son -now 8 - is constantly hungry. He has been baking and cooking with me since he was a little boy and we still enjoy it. My husband is a triathlete and I am always on the lookout for good healthy recipes and tricks to feed these people!

One of our favorites: homemade pizza. We make individual pizzas and add the toppings we each enjoy.

Another favorite here: White bean kielbasa soup served with crusty bread!

Thanks for all your great work on this blog


We are all very active in my household so big, full meals are favoured. Some of our favorites include;
roast beef dinner; penne with sausage; tacos; lasagna; spaghetti with arrabita sause; raost turkey or chicken; chili; soups and stews. . .

I would be very grateful to be entered in this contest. Thanks so much for hosting it!

Fancy Elastic

I've a man and a boy in my house and I find that good pasta dishes like macaroni cheese and lasagna are always good fillers. And I make sure that we are never without plenty of bread and cheese... there'd be a riot otherwise!

really enjoying the blog. x


This book looks awesome. I feed the man in my life whatever I am cooking at the moment. He has gotten much more open over the years and now tries -- and typically enjoys -- all sorts of foods.


My most fun feeding men is in our dinner party group. The men are all serious eaters- with a couple who could qualify as Mega-Eaters. So I pick a theme- go HUGE- make copious amounts- and watch them go! It is fun when doing it lighter is out the window every once in a while!


I've had this book on my "to buy" list ever since it came out. The current favorite in my house is pasta (in all its forms) and pierogies with sauteed onions. Those are my two year old's favorites so we make them a lot!


MEAT! Of course... :) But cinnamon buns and cheesecakes win bonus points! :) Thanks for the giveaway!


I'm always looking for ways to try to get my guys to eat different grains... for some reason they would prefer to stick with pasta and bread. Barley is our new favorite... my husband prefers barley risotto to traditional. Or latest venture is into the work of quinoa... I have more work to do on that one. One thing I am very glad of, is that my guys love all different kinds of veggies. I feel proud that I can say that about an Iowa farm boy (the corn and soybean kind of farm) and a 4 year old.

That looks like such a terrific book! Thanks for the review and the chance to win!


my hubby was always a meat and potatoes guy, but since we've been together, i've gotten him to eat more veggies and be a little more adventurous in his eating. my son, who is 6, likes several veggies, but does not like fruit! he likes "regular" foods. not many "different" things. i cooked dove the other night (we are a hunting/fishing household), and he wanted nothing to do with it!


Oh yes...I need this book! My family is all about boys - sons, brothers, uncles, male cousins. I wouldn't know what it's like to feed anyone else! A favourite hearty guy meal in our house is the left-over 'fry-up'. In goes all the left over potatoes, tons of veg, sometimes meat(there usually isn't any left) and then scramble a couple of eggs and voila - the easy-peasy,never-fail 'fry-up'. Thanks for the chance to win!

Carrie @ Rhubarb Sky

Shepherd's Pie. . . filling, easy, yum.


My go to this summer for my husband was mixing up a batch of turkey/beef burgers for us to throw on the grill. Add thick slices of grilled tomatoes and red onions and there is nothing better.


From a family of 5, 3 of which are of the xy variety, I could put this book to use for sure! I love making as much as I can from scratch and love making yummy endless (ok seemingly endless) breakfasts with double batches of everything (of course!) such as Pumpkin bread/muffins(one to cook fast and eat, one to hopefully last the afternoon!), Cinnamon filled scones or homemade Belgium waffles! Yum!


Sounds like a worthwhile read for future preparation. Right now the 3 year old twins love banana bars, but dad has a weak spot for mac-n-cheese (not from a box.)


I have 3 sons and a hubby that love my cooking! There current favorite is chili dogs and peanut butter pie.

Rae Grant

I would love to win this for my sister-in-law who was has three healthy, hungry boys and a husband who like home cooking....she herself is not a great cook and admittedly needs good cookbooks to follow.

Thanks Jan for this fun giveaway!


Oh yeah. Great idea for a book! My boys are pretty eclectic, Thank God. They'll try anything.

Ari (Baking and Books)

I saw this book on the Martha Stewart show the other day and thought it was based on a neat idea. Don't enter me in the raffle bc I already have waaaaay to many books, but I wanted to comment anyways!


A big hit in our house is always the classic meat and potatoes! And stew, such as slowly braised beef stew. Yum. Thanks for the giveaway!


A wonderful and to the point review! Thanks! Good thing my boys are usually on board for everything from PB&J to my more adventurous home cooked meals! My little guy is almost 3 and I expose him to whole foods all the time. Unique, healthy yummy flavors. The favorite changes daily, but yesterday it was my pumpkin coconut curry!


I cook for the 5 'men' in my life - my husband, my 6 yr old son, my 5 yr old son, and my 2 yr old twins.

Since the kids are so young, I'm still teaching them how to enjoy our time in the kitchen together, while still trying to keep them away from Very Sharp Objects. To that end, bread has become what we bond over. Mixing together the simple ingredients, watching the yeast work its magic, and then the fun of letting them pull and stretch and work the dough into any shape they want is perfect work for such little hands!

Just wandered onto your blog from the Smitten Kitchen site - I've already bookmarked it, and know that I'll be using your recipes often.


the book looks good, I see if I can find it here

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