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hmm, a pb cheese steak? i love PB but am unsure of that one. thanks for the heads up on the contest. how cool.

your bread looks delicious. i love the flavors-oatmeal and maple. sweet and delicious. you've inspired me today. my two-year-old keeps asking to make bread with me. i think he'd love this recipe.

happy healing to your 9 year old! big hug from nyc.


Thanks for the great pics. This is very helpful.


I don't have a bread maker but I do have a stand mixer and I still prefer to make my bread this way. This looks like a delicious recipe! I look forward to trying it in place of my regular honey whole wheat on our next baking day!


Looking forward to trying this recipe. Just curious, what kind of oats - quick cooking or old fashioned? Thanks so much!!

Jan Scott

Hi Sarah - I used organic quick cooking oats...Let me know how the recipe works for you...


Thanks for the Jiff scholarship contest info. What creative things can be done with Jiff I have to wonder....

The bread looks beautiful

Selena Cate

I'm unable to eat this but it still looks absolutely heavenly. I miss real bread so much. And anything with maple makes my mouth water. :-)


Sorry you've got a sick child. When I was a kid and sick, when I started to get a little better my mother would warm some milk, poach an egg, put in on top of bread, pour some milk over it and sprinkle a little sugar. It went down pretty well.


I'm a bit of a whole-grain nut... I try to only use the white flour to make playdough, haha. Do you think this bread would work with 100% whole grain flour (maybe a mix of wheat and spelt, for example) rather than the mix of all-purpose and whole wheat as you've done?

Jan Scott

Hi Lisa - 

To be honest, I prefer whole grains as well but find the texture of the bread far too dense for us.  You can give it a go though...it will turn out it will just be very dense and a little hard.

Jan Scott

Are you gluten intolerant?  I'm looking into making some gluten free breads as I'm asked about these types of recipes quite often.

Jan Scott

I'm sure many things.  I was thinking of an Asian inspired sandwich as many Asian recipes do call for peanut butter.  We can't enter, being Canadian and all, but it sounds fun.

Selena Cate

I'm actually celiac which is the full gluten allergy. I miss bread so much. 



Sprouted Kitchen/ Sara

so impressed. I keep saying i want to make a yeasty whole grain bread, but Im scared. Yours looks amazingly lovely! Esp with PB on it.

Jan Scott

Oh my...I've seen your food and it's incredible.  I think you could pull off yeast-raised bread with no trouble at all!

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