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I am making my niece a Princess and the Pea playset. Complete with a chopstick bed, a felted pea, 12 pink and purple homemade mattresses, and a paper doll set. I am giving her this along with the story book. I really hope that she loves it.

This giveaway would make a wonderful birthday gift for my little princess. Her birthday is right after Christmas.


What a great giveaway! My daughter and I love to bake together!

I made her (she's 5) a pillow that is embroidered with a big butterfly and the words "sweet dreams"... it's over on my blog.

I'll have to go check out that site now.


What a wonderful giveaway. I am making my daugter a felt pizza with the toppings, felt fruits and veggies, for my 22 moth old son, I found this great tute on how to make a felt Mr. potatoe head I am making for him. I am also trying to make a daughter a felt tea set. Still trying to figure out what to make for my 11yo son and 7yo son. Hope to see some good inspiring ideas on here to do!!

Ginger & Pickle

well goodness me...
Pink Princess Tea Party is my middle name!!!!
what a wonderful giveaway prize!
I am making lots of bath bombs this year as home made gifts for my girls (and nephew!) also lots and lots of felt cakes and pies!
thanks again so very much!

Aimee Augustus

I made aprons for my nieces and got them a princess cookbook! As for my kids, since the reason for the season got three gifts, they do too. Clothes, books, and one big toy from Santa. My daughter would love that cookbook under the tree though. She loves tea parties!

Jan Scott

I love the idea of Bath Bombs.  If you have a great recipe for that, please do send it my way. I think my seven year old would love them too.

The Orchard

I am making a "Princess and The Pea" set for my two daughters (although it is taking me forever). This idea is inspired from SouleMama.

As for buying, I am giving in and buying them each a barbie because that is what they both really want.

Thanks for the give away. My girls would LOVE this prize!


Ginger & Pickle


Hi Jan,
I used this recipe... really cute to make them look like cupcakes... but if you want to, you can skip the icing and just make balls (I made them both ways).
A note - you can find citric acid in the bulk barn, but it's expensive as it is food grade. Soap supply making stores supply citric acid that is much cheaper as it is for external use only.
I also used the waxed paper nut cups that you can find in the bulk barn instead of cupcake liners... they are much more sturdy.
SO easy... and SO fun!
Definitely easy for kids (of all ages!)


I wish I was more crafty or I could sew but unfortunately I'm buying Christmas gifts this year. My girls really wanted a dollhouse, so that's what we bought them! I hope they love it!

What a great giveaway!! My 5 and 3 year old girls would absolutely love this!!


I am a knitter and knit a number of scarves, hats and sweaters throughout the year.


i haven't child :)) but i'm making suprise birthday cake for my sister and brother:)


This year our biggest is getting a doll house. She would LOVE this book.. we've seen it in the store. It looks to be chock full of fun!

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