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Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I love the concept of your blog. I grew up spending lots of time with my family in the kitchen. I think that all those hours were really important to the person that I am now.

And these cookies look great. Love chai, love cookies - looks like I'll be making these soon!


My family and I are now planning our cookie baking list for 2009. This will be a wonderful addition. Looking forward to all 11 more.

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five

These sound divine! I love Chai tea this time of year and these would be a lovely way to try something a little different.

Looking forward to your "cookie days"...


What a fun idea! Looking forward to seeing all of the different kinds of cookies!


Ever since I saw this recipe here it has really caught my imagination.
Delicious idea.

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The other day I made some oatmeal cookies and, in defiance of the
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Now I have dried oatmeal stuck on the back of my teeth. I had not
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Toothbrushes are in vain. Toothpicks break.

Short of having to go down to the dentist and have him clean my teeth
with a chisel, how can I get the dried oatmeal gunk unstuck from my
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i like this part of the post:"My favourite tea is Chai, and I decided to see if I could recreate a Chai Tea cookie, with whole wheat pastry flour and ground tea. They turned out yummy...warm and spicy and oh so fragrant. So, without further ado, your first cookie recipe in the countdown to Christmas." is very good

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Vending machine food? Maybe when I was young and invincible. No way I'd go there now. I can see the "gawking as you drive by an accident" kind of draw it might have.

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