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These look so very yummy. We are going into winter here in the southern hemisphere and can only dream about summer treats. We are in the middle of soups, stews and winter puds here.... have a banana treat for me, please!


Lori who loves to Bake!!

Looks Yummy!!! Too bad my girls are off bananas since babes. It kinda runs in the family on their father's side, something to do with their mother feeding them too many of them!!
Wonder if you would get the same results with strawberries?? I guess you could try with other fruits depending on the season and tastes.
Have a great weekend!


Oh no. Do I really want to head back out in the heat and the traffic and get some dark chocolate?
Must have.

Jan Scott

Oh I'm so sorry to hear you're experiencing winter right now (not that I
don't love winter, but we've just had a long one so the thought of it is a
bit painful at the moment). I do love winter food though, especially soups
and stews...keep this recipe in the back of your head for your summer

Jan Scott

I think it could work great with strawberries. The nice thing about the
bananas is that, when frozen, they taste just like a popsicle. I don't know
if strawberries would have the same texture, but I'm sure they'd still taste
delicious...strawberries, chocolate and nuts...yummy!Enjoy the weekend and
if you try it with the berries please let me know how it works out. I love
when other people modify the recipes I post.

Jan Scott

I hope you enjoy them!

Monkey Lobster

maybe I can convince elsa to make those for her take to school birthday treat.


yes, i saw that recipe too and it is our new favorite!

Jan Scott

Isn't it great!

Jan Scott

That's a great idea. I'm sure the children would love to have something


cute idea! I've always loves chocolate dipped bananas rolled in chopped nuts. I think I'll like these bite-sized pieces even better.

Jan Scott

They're really fun and the kids LOVE them!

Sarah Morgenstern

I made these and can't stop eating them ... yum!

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