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Hi...I'm really enjoying your website...I look forward to each new posting!

I haven't been able to find whole wheat pastry flour, can I substitute whole wheat flour instead?

Jan Scott

Hi Toni,
I'm so glad you're really enjoying the website!

To be honest, I think that whole wheat flour would be too dense for some of
these recipes. The technical answer is that whole wheat flour has a lot of
gluten that the whole wheat pastry flour doesn't have, so it alters the
finished product.

If it helps, I buy the whole wheat pastry flour at loblaws...most of them
carry it but I know the one on Burnhamthorpe does for sure. It's a small
bag and the company is called Oak Manor. I've been swapping almost all of
my cookie/quick bread recipes that call for all purpose flour, for the whole
wheat pastry flour and they're coming out great.

Good Luck!


This looks great. I love quick mix breads. I have tried to bake with yeast once but it did not work out too well. I want to try again but am a bit scared. I am working on getting over my phobia. Do you think that you could use frozen strawberries instead of blueberries. They are difficult to find in South Africa?

I also like the idea of using olive oil. Never seen that before.

Keep it coming.....

Jan Scott

Hi Allison - Give my bread recipe a try. It does use yeast but I promise
you, you will be able to make it with no trouble. As for this recipe...I
think strawberries would work fine...maybe chop them up a bit so they're
smaller in size, but it's a great recipe and I'll think you like it.


Thanks MBM, i will try it.

I tried to make bread last time and i dont think that i let it rise enough. It was so hard that my hubby joked that it was dwarfish bread! It nearly broke our teeth. That was five years ago so i need to get over my trauma!!! :)

Jan Scott

I promise you the bread recipe is so easy you won't be able to ruin it :)
It's basically putting four ingredients into a bowl, giving them a quick
stir and letting them rise for two hours. Cover and put them in the fridge.
Break off some dough and bake the bread as you need. The dough will keep
in the fridge for up to two weeks. Easy-peasy!


i made this blueberry bread the other morning. i was hesitant to use all whole wheat flour (i had no pastry flour) fearing a too dense bread. in the end i decided to go for it. the bread was perfect and moist! once blueberries are really in season here i will definitely be making this again.

Jan Scott

Leah - I'm so glad it worked out and that it was still moist using the
whole wheat flour. I'll be sure to try it that way as well - and I, too,
plan to make it when blueberries are in season for sure.


I made this recipe this morning, I used whole wheat flower, added some cinnamon and instead of olive oil used vegetable oil. Turned out wonderfully, nice and moist. Will make it again.

Jan Scott

I'm so glad you liked it.  It's a popular snack in our home. 

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