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I was just speaking to a friend about wanting to make my own nann last night. How funny...I don't have a grill...any other suggestions? Could I put it on the BBQ.


oHHHH, naan is such a weakness of mine. I told my little boy the other day "you can eat just about anything and it''l taste good as long as you have garlic and butter on it."
Thank you for posting this, I was even pondering making Indian tonight. Perfect!

Mixing Bowl Mama

Yes, I think it would work just fine...just make sure the flame isn't too high or the bread with burn. A non-stick frying pan will work just as well though...cook them almost like pancakes!


What a great recipe. i have an electric non stick sandwich press. I am sure that i could make these in it, just not closing the lid. Will let you know how it goes...

Jan Scott

Hi Allison - I think the sandwich press will work great...let me know how it goes.

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Is nice to have our children helping in the kitchen!

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