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Thats awesome. I have giant muffin pans but no mini ones. Will look out for them.

Jan Scott

Thanks Allison. You can make this in large version as well, just bake for
an extra 8 minutes or so. Good luck finding some small pans..they're great
for mini meatloaves too!


Just picked up the flour yesterday to try! Have always used white or whole wheat. Love the mini's, my kids love them too. We do use muffin tins for meatloaves and they are great and cook up so fast?

Any good recipes for using cous cous? Would love to try this or bulgar but could not buythe bulgar as may contain nuts(one girl is peanut allergic)for the brand I found.

Love your blog, great healthy recipes.
When are you posting info on camps and afterschool programs?

Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food

Hi! Thank you for visitng my blog. I liked how your dirt cake looks and what a great idea to make it for Earth Day!
There was a problem (I don't know if just for me, but check it out) - I couldn't see the whole post, just the beginning and the photo. Also on the main page, some posts don't show a photo.

Jan Scott

Hi Lori....I'm so glad you got the flour. I really think you'll enjoy it.
It's my new favourite baking ingredient, for sure.
We love couscous...I like to make it with stock or even a mix of orange
juice and water to give it some flavour. Add in some veggies and goat
cheese or feta and a bit of balsamic dressing for a cous cous salad. We
even love to eat it plain, with fish or stuffed into peppers.

I'll have class and camp info up in the next week or so...I'm just waiting
to hear back from the location on the hours etc that I can use the facility.

Have a great night!

Jan Scott

I'm glad it worked for you. I haven't has anyone else comment on a problem
so maybe it was a website glitch. Thanks for stopping by.....

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