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  • Updated almost daily. I am a mama of two, part-time event coordinator and aspiring food writer who is passionate about families spending time together in the kitchen. This space is a hodgepodge of recipes made for and with my children. Also included: cookbook reviews, fun party ideas, giveaways and much more. I live in Toronto, ON.

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Hi there...
I just found your blog after reading one of your comments at another blog. (Soulemama, maybe?... I can't remember now!)
Anyway! What a wonderful blog you have. I have just spent the last few minutes going back through your archives and they are just delightful! Your recipes and photos are so fun.
Have a lovely summer!
Lisa (from Ontario too!)


I too love lemons. My neighbor has a tree full and i am getting up the courage to go and beg some off her! I have planted a lemon tree in every house that i have ever lived but have always moved before i benefit from them. So three other families have benefited from my efforts. I am still buying them from the market!


I need to make lemon curd after you made it sound so delicious! Thanks!

Nahuatl Vargas

Looking forward to try it.

Jan Scott

Hi Lisa - Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment.  Im so glad you like the blog.  Where in Ontario are you?


This looks great! I love lemons too, and have contemplated making lemon curd...just one of those things I never "got around to." I just might have to!


this looks delicious! i love lemon curd any way it is served. i usually put mine in a champagne glass, top it with some whipped cream and eat it with a tea spoon.

Sprouted Kitchen/ Sara

how great are these pictures?!?! rhetorical, and the answer is fabulous ;). Love your site and that it is health focused, i will be a frequent reader!

Jan Scott

Thanks Sara!  I just popped over to your site as well and think its also great.  Enjoy the weekend!

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