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Katie @ goodLife {eats}

What a genuis idea for a park! I love it! We grill pizza all the time at home, so yummy, but the thought of doing it at the park in that oven. I'm so jealous!


That pizza park is brilliant! We just got our first grill off of Freecycle. I can't wait to grill a pizza.

Slugs On The Refrigerator

Fantastic idea for a park!!! I want to start one!!

Jan Scott

Oh me too...except its already been done here!  If you look further into the links Ive included, there is information on how and why it started, etc.  Really brilliant and oh so fun!


What a wonderful idea! I love the idea of the pizza toppings garden!!


we are lucky enough to have a small bread oven right in our neighborhood. throughout the year there are large potlucks, fundraisers, private parties, and informal firings. what an amazing way to get neighbors together.

my husband and i have been taking about trying to grill pizza. i am so glad to hear that there aren't too many tricks to it. when it stops raining we will have to give it a try!


Wow. That is one cool park.

Jan Scott

That sounds great...I would love to have a bread oven in my backyard some day...so useful!

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