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Wishing you a very relaxing summer vacation! Thank you (& Emily) for the lovely give away! Cook books Rock!!



I'm thoroughly enjoying your website each and every day! I'm an avid reader too...I'm currently reading Julie&Julia and am really enjoying it...thanks for your recommendation on this book!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful vactation!

Maria Blackburn

Hi! Thanks for news of this book. Hope to win it. Cant wait to read it!


Sounds like a fun book to read. Thanks,
Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)


I just stumbled across your blog the other day, and am still exploring all the posts! I figured this would be a good post to leave my first comment on ;D

This book sounds amazing - I have a serious cookbook addiction, and my favorites are the ones that are also readable books! I'll definitely be adding this one to my summer list!


Wow this book sounds terrific!!! Would love to read thought am not reader but a browser, magazines, lots of cookbooks etc... Plus never seem to have or make the time. At night can not keep the eyes open long enough to get past a page or two!
Love the story concept as I seem to be in the kitchen all the time with my kiddos. Hopefully will rub of on them.

Hope you have a great vacation. I need to book with with my family as well. I have thought about maybe a RV trip across the countryside!
Were are you heading?




Sounds like a fabulous read...I am crossing fingers,toes,arms,legs,hair...and eys!

Thanks for sharing,


thanks for the give away! I would love to have a good read when we go camping in a few weeks.


I also left a link on my facebook page:)

Trisha N

I would love a new summer read. Thanks


Ooh, I want to read that! Thanks so much for sharing!


I stumbled upon your blog last night and am loving it! Off to do some baking right now! Thanks for the lovely giveaway - sounds like a great read!


Sounds like a perfect summer read. Just discovered your blog, loving it...Thanks for the chance to win!

exhale. return to center.

found you through soulemama's blog. i have been wanting to check this book out for a while so please enter me!!! :-)


I recently found this blog and I'm very excited about the recipes! I love that you focus on healthy foods and children! This cookbook sounds great too!


another new reader. really enjoying your posts and recipes. thanks for the chance to win this book - sounds like the perfect summer read.


enjoy your vacation. thanks for a great giveaway. the book sounds like it'd be a great read!


I love your blog! And the book sounds good too... I'll be back often.

Carrie @ Rhubarb Sky

I randomly clicked on your comment over at SouleMama. . . your blog title pulled me in. I can't wait to explore your site. I love cooking with my 4 year old daughter and always relish finding new kid friendly recipes. Yay!


I'm a new reader and loving your blog. Thanks for keeping many of the recipes simple and realistic.


Just found your blog through a comment on SouleMama also! Love the title and really enjoy the blog. I am going to try the naan. I am going to pass it on to another mama cooking with her little one.


Wow, I just found this site from MamaRuck and I must say...I like it a lot! Every Wednesday my little guy (2 years old) and I have "Baking Day". He loves helping Mama in the kitchen as much as our 7 month old loves to watch us! I definitely look so forward to trying out some of your recipes. Thank you!


I enjoy reading your blog so much--I have two boys who both love to cook. We have all enjoyed trying your recipes. I love that you make healthy foods so delicious looking in your pictures.

I would love to have a copy of this book--thanks so much for offering it as a giveaway.

Jan Scott

Ann  - Im glad youre enjoying the blog!


I just found your website but have to sayI really am liking it.

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