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can i say how thrilled i am with both this post and with the idea that there will be 25 more like it? woo hoo!

(plus i have an idea for the two of us. since we both teach children, should we do a monthly recipe, where my class makes your recipe and your class makes mine?) let me know if you are at all interested.

the Provident Woman

I'm so hungry right now.

Jan Scott

Cate -
Sounds great! Email me at mixingbowlkids@gmail.com and we can start
planning something together.


This sounds like an amazing dessert or snack. Great idea


We started school today. My kiddos are always famished when they get home from school so I think I'll use these as an after school snack. Great idea cooking through the alphabet!


This is a brilliant idea. I sometimes use the alaphbet to encourage the children at school to think about the many varieties of fruit and vegetables - we usually manage it somehow .

Jan Scott

Thank you Ann. And thank you for the WONDERFUL "C" suggestions.


I'm really looking forward to following your through your ABC kitchen. My favorite lunch box treat is to make a batch of smoothie (here's my basic recipe http://www.heidisfullplate.com/2009/06/fruit-smoothie-recipe.html) and then freeze it in screw top containers. The ball jar company makes some great ones that are plastic and don't leak. Then place the container full of frozen smoothie in the lunch box with a spoon. By lunch time it has thawed slightly to a sorbet-like texture. Yum!

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