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Ginger & Pickle

YUM! I never think to make these... they would be fantastic in a lunch!

Colleen/And Baby Makes FIve

Again, I'm just loving this series. Another recipe to add to my "to try" pile :)

Happy Weekending!

Jan Scott

I'm so glad you like it - it's been a blast for me to do!

Jan Scott

They are! My seven year old snuck one for breakfast this week and loved it!


Oh do I ever miss home made empanadas! My mom was from Chile and made THE BEST empanadas, but sadly her recipe died with her. I will have to get brave enough to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

Run Lori Run

Great ideas and great blog! Glad I found you!


Tip: Empanda dough (pre-cut into circles and without yucky preservatives) can be found fresh and natural, usually in the vegetable section of any grocery store, but since I live where a lot of Spanish people are, our stores might be the exception. BTW: Empanadas, as you mentioned, are usually filled with seasoned, cooked beef. But empanadas are NEVER baked; always fried. The recipe here, although a lovely creative reindition, are NOT empandas, even vegetarian, because they aren't fried! :-)

Jan Scott

The pre-cut empanada dough sounds really interesting...thanks for the tip.
I work with a chef from South America who has told me that while
traditionally fried, empanadas can be baked. It depends on the region that
they come from. We don't fry foods at home so the baked version was what
worked for us.


To MBM- I apologize completely! :-) Thanks for bringing that up. I should have said “I have NEVER seen a baked empanada". Thank you for the recipe and lesson! :-) All I was saying is that while there are definitely much healthier baked, without meat and being fried, it’s kind of the same as a burrito, if you see what I mean. :-) And yes, the pre-made empanada dough is wonderful!

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