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This looks awesome! For G what about Gorp, you know good old raisins and peanuts aka trail mix. we like to customize it with our favorite dried fruits, nuts and sometimes chocolate chips or a couple of mini marshmallows. Or maybe for G you could do something green?


Wish the best of lucks, I tried to make a quilt for my boy's 3 birthday, but that was on July, and the quilt (which is my first) hasen't been finished.


Great lunch box idea! I'll have to remember that next week! I'm guessing that since you can make it the night before that it's just as tasty when it's at rooom temperature?

Jan Scott

It is! We made them in the evening and wrapped them up tight and left them
at room temperature for the next day. They were tasty. You could also
place in the fridge and gently warm them the next morning.

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