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That chocolate cookie dough looks amazing. Can you share the recipe? I love preparing ingredients in advance and using them later when I'm in a pinch. I freeze tomato sauce, freshly washed,dried and chop herbs for various traditional rice dishes.


When fruit is on sale I buy copious amounts and freeze them for smoothies later. I do this with any fresh fruit we get from pick your own farms as they tend to go quite quickly.


looks like ice cream balls, yummy!
Can you share your recipes?

Love the make ahead , prepare later. I also freeze extra fruits or veggies if can not use them all, great for smoothies or using in baking recipes also!

Fall classes look fantastic!


In 2 weeks I go back to work (24 hours per week, but still) so I am gathering all my make-ahead tips. These are perfect for a fresh-from-the-oven after school snack. I found plastic screw top containers made by Ball that I'm freezing soups and smoothies in for lunches.

Jan Scott

Thank you!  Im excited about them.  Sure thing about the recipes...Ill post them this week.

Jan Scott

Ooh...great freezing tips.  Tomato sauce is a great one to have on hand.  You can do so much with that.
Ill post the cookies recipes this week....


I did this while I was pregnant with my son (now 8 weeks old). It was great to have for visitors in the first few weeks. My husband did eat a good portion of them straight out of the freezer though... ;)


I know this is a late post; but I just saw this and thought I'd add on. I do this for my Christmas Cookies. I made the doughs ahead, even if only a week before. Then I flash freeze, and place in labeled bags. On the labels, I put the name of the cookie, the oven temperature to cook, and the time to cook. When it's time to bake, I start with the ones that have the lowest temperature ie 300 degrees and continue on till I get them all baked. This way the kitchen is heated only one day, and the entire job goes faster. I also always save a few of each kind before baking and keep them frozen so in January/February when I get the cookie craving, or company stops by, I can have a variety of fresh baked cookies. Easy!!

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