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My meal planning is very similar to yours. But I also use the internet and love organizing my recipes in Evernote. I love my cookbooks too but for seasonal inspiration food blogs are great. While meal planning I also figure out my grocery list for the week and always have some fall backs in case the day is out of control with my twins and I have no time to prepare what was planned. Thanks for sharing.

Jan Scott

Thank you...I forgot to mention that meal planning aid with the grocery list for sure..great tip!


great post. and encouraging. while my kitchen and pantry are hyper-organized, i cannot seem to put this "M" into play. i'm going to try and do better in the future or at least come up with a sort of game plan for the week, with a little room to play. and yes, the cup of tea is a necessary part of the sitting down around here as well.


I also make out my shopping list at the same time I'm planning my menu. I buy all of my pantry staples in bulk through a food co-op and my meat in bulk in the summer from local farmers. My weekly grocery list is just for fresh fruits and veggies. Because I buy in bulk, I find that some things tend to get forgotten and pushed to the back of the pantry and freezer. My goal this year is to pick a couple of these forgotten foods each week and plan my menu around them. I'm hoping that this will help us discover some new recipes and also keep my bulk foods in a better rotation.


i am not organized so i don't have anything to add for your question (sadly!) but just wanted to write a quick note about how happy i am that i stumbled upon your blog! so excited to try some new recipes..thanks! will be checking back often

Run Lori Run

Great tips, I usually ending up winging it every week and end up frustrated. Glad I found your blog, lovely photos and recipes.


I too sit down weekly and plan out meals. I typically aim to plan only about three to four dinners a week. I find if I plan more I end up wasting food. The days without specific plans we usually eat leftovers or something made up of leftover ingredients from other meals. I'm trying to save my weekly meal plans and shopping lists to have at the ready for really busy weeks -- when I can't devote too much time to planning.


I love the idea of saving menu plans! And then reusing them! Sometimes planning meals/menus feels like inventing the wheel!

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