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Yes, I love to bake, I am just introducing my 3 year old into it.
As soon I saw the first picture on this post I was grabbing a pen and a notebook.
We will see...


That cake looks so moist and delicious! Since it has orange juice and yogurt in it, doesn't it count as healthy? ;-)


Oh my goodness I feel totally the same!!
Baking is my true love and I too would love to be baking all day in a small bakery that I would run! Oh to dream!
I am also trying not to bake too often as myself and the rest of the family will eat it all up.
What I am trying to do is modify recipes and make them more nutritious and freeze, freeze, freeze for later.

You know Shortbread tastes amazing right out the freezer!!

This recipe looks and sounds very yummy so now I think I may try to make it later once the girls are home from school.

Happy Baking!!!


So I made it, I think my oven was hotter than I toughed so it got a little burn, but just a little, and YES delicious, I will place the recipe in my blog in Spanish, of course, giving source, if you don't mind.
I know, I chose a pan too big.
Thanks for sharing the recipe.


I so love baking. I am at home in my kitchen. In fact, I recently came to realize how much baking means to me when I saw an ad in my local bakery's window announcing they needed a new baker. Suddenly I felt my true vocation. I need to be kneading dough not people! (I'm an RMT). Ha! I get a bit stressed out baking with my kids though (well, with the under-4 crowd. I try, though). I learned to bake kind of on my own when I had an eating disorder. Ha! The ways of life... No longer have the eating disorder; still love baking! And eating! Yeah! I love reading cookbooks and mixing together the magic combination of butter, sugar, eggs and flour. Oh bliss.


I just found your site and I love it. This recipe looks great. I started baking as a child,there are pictures of me making my own birthday cake from WAY back. Now I bake with my daughter and any other children who happen to be around the house at the time.

Jan Scott

Hi Julia - Thanks for stopping by!


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