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I love the new look of your blog!


mmmm...delish. At least you have cold weather and yummy apples! :-) It's still balmy 90 and all oranges and peaches here in the south. You're boys have nice winter gear (cutie!), but I guess that's to be expected up in Qubec, where it is almost always cold :-). Annyyways, how about some apple butter? Have you ever made any? Was it a success? That would be a fun way to get rid of apples (in your stomach! :-)).

Ginger & Pickle

as I write this, I am making the apple cranberry chutney! so far so good! the house smells awesome! thanks so much for the link!

Ginger & Pickle

Me again!!!... have you already tried this recipe... you'll love it! it has a cute story too!


Jan Scott

I remember reading this post when she had it on her site but I didn't try the recipe.  I may just do so this week (some of the apples we picked were macs) and it might even be a good addition to Thanksgiving, although we're having a pumpkin cake as well and two cakes may be just a bit too much!


We had our great apple picking adventure this past week and decided to jar apple pie filling for the colder months. It was much easier than I initially anticipated. I have a few leftover to try out those yummy recipes though.

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I hope I can experience that picking apples, I love apples..

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