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Nahuatl Vargas

I want very mcuh to try this.


my parents have always made yogurt like this, too (leaving it in the pan). They usually put it in the oven overnight (we have a gas stove, so the oven is a bit warmer than the stovetop). You could also heat a cast iron pan up and put it on the shelf below to keep the oven a little bit warmer without overheating it. If you ever use them, you could also open up an aciophilus supplement and add it in (but make sure you get a really high quality supplement so it really contains acidophilus and not some other bacteria!)

I love your blog and have shared it with some of my cousins who have young children. No kids for me yet, but here's hoping!


ahh I see i was somewhat of an inspiration! How did it turn out for you? I like the thinness of it especially in the morning. Much lighter than commercial yogurt.
Not hippie just European (which makes it even more interesting and old world.

Jan Scott

Rae...you're totally an inspiration in so many ways!  The yogurt turned out nicely and you're right..not hippie just European (and I LOVE Europe).  Thanks for sharing your recipe and I'm so glad I was able to try it out my own way.


You so kind to say that... my 9/24 batch has been consumed so I'll try your method and see what happens. I should explore jam making but that's another story altogether. Thanks for sharing the process.

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