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Well, I just joined a gym today, so I *guess* it's probably ok to enter the contest for this amazing-looking cookbook, since I can just go work it all off if I win, right? (Do I sound convincing to you? Because I don't sound convincing to me...)


If it's a must have for bakers then I must have it as I am an avide baker! Can't wait to look into the recipes and try this scone one.


Oh, I have some buttermilk left over from the weekend and I was wondering what to do with it. I guess I'll be baking this afternoon! Thank you! I love the new banner so much. It really turned out well. The giveaway is terrific too. You are so generous! I have heard of Tartine and am looking forward to checking out this book whether I win, or have to try to find it at the local library. Thanks again Jan!


You're amazing to do all that you do. Thanks for this opportunity. This book looks delicious. I'm looking forward to doing some major Christmas baking. As you know when you have kids everything becomes about them and I'm finding this Christmas will be mostly for my girls and this mama will have very little under the tree. It's all worth it but this book would be a nice treat just for me. Thanks again.


A baking book would be great as I am the chief cook and baking is my real love and passion. Would love an early Christmas gift!


We *love* freshly made scones here! My children don't know how very lucky they are ;-) We'd love a new book of yummy recipes!

M.J. Jacobsen

You are one busy person! The scones look delish, will try to make them this weekend!


scones look delicious!yummy :) your giveaway great! i love this cook book :)) thanks!



I've recently discovered your blog from Smitten Kitchen - and I really enjoy your recipes. Thanks for sharing with us!

Ginger & Pickle

holly jolly
sugar and spice
winning this
would be better than nice!

thanks for another great give away!
best wishes!


These look so good!!! Scones remind me of being a kid...my mom loved to make them and this would be a great addition to our house!


I've always loved to cook but have only in the last year or so discovered the joy in baking...this looks like a lovely book to experiment with! Thanks so very much!


I have always loved to bake - as an teenager and young adult I was always responsible for baking cakes or desserts for special occasions and, before kids, I could spend a whole days baking cakes!

Baking is one thing my son and I love to do together and, even thoughI don't spend the day in the kitchen anymore, I still love the chemistry and the art of baking.

Love the scone recipe! Sophie

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