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I am not fond of radishes. It's a shame, given that they look so crisp and colorful and are the first things ripe in the garden. A friend told me that in Japan they saute sliced radishes in butter/oil and that they are delicious that way. I'm looking forward to trying that next summer.

My kids dislike salad, unless it's Caesar salad. No other kind will pass their lips.


I'll eat just about anything -- well, not meat, I'm a vegetarian. But my kids have a universal hate of mushrooms. Although I'm seeing a crack in the veneer. I made sage risotto with wild mushrooms on the side last night and my older daughter had a few nibbles of the mushrooms. There is hope!

Jan Scott

Oh my - mushrooms are a big no-no for us as well, although I brought some Wild Mushroom Springrolls home from work a few weeks ago and my youngest declared them fantastic...I don't think he actually realized they were made with...mushrooms!


Unfortunately, there is not much I don't like. Tomato Aspic I stay away from...but how often do you run into that?

My kids are pretty good about everything too so I just cook meals by request when they are home.

Jan Scott

oh gosh - I think I would die if I had to eat tomato aspic!  Two of the worst combined in one dish.

Ginger & Pickle

oh that's funny! I ONLY ate tomatoes during my first pregnancy! I couldn't get enough! Even for breakfast!
I can't think of a food item that I hate, except I really don't enjoy red wine... I just can't get into it... at all.
so.. how did you manage to make an indian meal without tomatoes?


There isn't much I don't like, unless you use fake stuff to make it. (And I don't mean soy products, I mean chemical-type stuff as a replacement for real food...) I have a particular disdain for any artificial sweetener! Now I will be completely honest and admit that I used to be addicted to Diet Coke and will occasionally have one (maybe only 2 a month) but other than that I avoid those artificial sweeteners like the plague. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law use it like they are going out of style...
My little guy has a lot on his dislike list right now. I'm told that is fairly common for a 4 year old. Would you agree? He used to eat almost anything but has gotten a bit picky as of late. I think it is a control thing...
Fun topic!

Jan Scott

My seven year old is STILL incredibly picky, and always has been, right from the time he was a wee toddler.  As he ages, and as his personality develops, I definitely think it's a control issue.  He has many (for example he told me this morning that snowpants ruin his "style"), so we battled about that.  He's also very conscious of how his hair looks and what art supplies he uses, and on and on.  He wants to be his own person so badly, and will do anything to make it happen - including the refusal of foods that I think he probably does like.  PS - I like Diet Coke too, although I try not to drink it often!

Jan Scott

I don't love red wine either, but I will drink it once in a while.  I do cook with it though, but for a drink I prefer a nice rose.  As for the Indian food, it was made with a tomato sauce, but I requested a very commercial brand (so unlike me, I know) for they don't really taste "tomato-y".


At my work (firefighter) we eat lunch and dinner together so I try to eat anything put in front of me. Premade gravy drives me crazy though, not the taste but the thought. Other than that I'll pick most, if not all, of raw onions out of anything, or I'll grill them up.
My "little ones" are four-legged but they are more than happy to eat any leftover veggies. Our good friend's 3 year old is happy to eat anything white, as long as you call it cheese


Oh the clothing battles... my guy was reduced to tears this morning over a sweatshirt that he did not want to wear. I NEVER thought that I would have so many clothing battles with a 4 year old boy! You'd think he was a 12 year old girl... (maybe this is all good practice for about 11 years from now!).

jaeve + things

WOW! I am the opposite. What DON'T I eat w/o a little tomato in it??? hehe I love tomatoes. Ever since my mom told me, when I was very young, that tomatoes give you rosy cheeks, I've been a fan. Plus all its nutritional benefits, don't even get me started :) I don't like ginger-flavored anything. And I used to feel about garlic the way you feel about tomatoes, but I am slowly being won over.


Mushrooms are icky; there is something about noshing on a fungus, manure-grown sponge that is unanimously unnappealing. I know a few sauces and dishes, though, that are pretty delish, as long as you don't know the mushrooms are there, but I don't think that is any credit to the mushroom.

Tomatoes are slimy, but if you make them right, they're succlant (I can't relate to thoes who nosh em' like apples...huh...*Strange*).

Anything soggy is also super-gross: Soggy bread, soggy cereal, soggy...uh...sogginess?!

Also, (let's all use our noggins, here!), exoctic things, like fried snails and octopus and fried guinea pigs are unerving. Not to say they can't taste good, but *honestly*, how do thoes people SLEEP at NIGHT?! :)

That's all!


Canned icing. That stuff is horrible. and seriously, how hard is it to mix together powdered sugar and milk and butter?

I used to hate raw tomatoes in anything, but I'm slowly overcoming that. Trying to set a good example for my little ones.


I can't imagine not having tomatoes in my life. My grandmother never served a meal without a plate of fresh tomatoes on the table.

And ketchup is my favorite food. Without a doubt.

I can't stand coconut. It's texture is like having a mouth full of hair...which is a disgusting thought in and of itself.

I'm sure there are a few others on the list of "don't like", but nothing tops coconut.


Tomatoes...really!?!? I think I might perish without them! Me...I like most foods although organ meats revolt me I just sort of tolerate most seafood. As for the littles they aren't terribly picky but beans or peas of any description are met with disgust!


I absolutely can't stand balsamic vinegar. I used to love it, but one night after having breadsticks dipped in it and then breast feeding my daughter, my milk and my daughter reeked of balsamic vinegar.... can't stand it since.

Fun Mama - Deanna

I don't like cheese. I hate cheese. I can eat pizza and cheeseburgers (as long as it's not cheddar). I tolerate mozzarella. I love to read about food and writers describe cheese in such lovingly beautiful ways, and then I remember that it makes me gag. Bleh.


I've never liked liver. I had one bad experience with it at a young age and can't even stand the sight of it today. The smell... ek.

Love visiting your blog, by the way, thanks for sharing. Happy New Year! (^_^)


I like tomatoes but I don't like tomatoe juice, tomato soup or ketchup! I am picky when it comes to fruits... I don't eat strawberries, cantaloup or honeydew melons. My kids are not very picky although my 13 year old daughter does not eat tomatoes in any shape or form and she is not very adventurous. My 8 year old son will eat just about anything

Rae Grant

when I was a kids I HATED and practically threw up at the taste of green peppers. Happily my taste buds changed and I can eat green peppers for what they are. Also never liked liver even when disguised in foods (yes my parents believed in mind over matter)

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