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Funny photo!
If I really like something, I copy it into my Mastercook Program. Until then, recipes wait in a "to do" file or a "save for Mastercook" (when I'm lazy) file right next to my computer.
I used to have a million cookbooks. So did my mother. When she passed away, the biggest problem I had was getting rid of her cookbooks. No kidding. We had so many of the same ones. So I drove around with cookbooks in the trunk of my car and offered them to everyone I knew.
I decided I wouldn't do that to my kids, so I sat down one day, sorted out my really old cookbooks, copied the recipes I used into Mastercook and got rid of them.

Long work, typing all those recipes into the computer. But I'm really glad I did it. Took me a year in my spare time.


I blog all of my recipes, no matter whether someone shared a personal favourite, or I read a recipe in a book/magazine, or I invented something. I just put them all in a private blog with photos I took and a reference. I found this as the most convenient way to access my recipes anywhere I am and to share them with my family, who live far away.


I am chiming in to say I need the same help. Great question! I will be checking back to see what others have to say :)


If they're from the internet, I print them out,and then if they make the cut after I make them, I write out any hints/changes I did, and they go into a 3-ring binder. I have a few binders - one for breads, one for sweets, one for main dishes, veggies,and sides.

If they're in a cookbook, I always write the date I first tried the recipe,and if it's a winner or not. And if it becomes a favorite, I write the recipe name and page number on the inside of the back of the book. So i can open any book I have, and flip to the back to see my favorites.

I just can't quite get rid of my hardcopies. I have recipes from my grandmothers and mother that have stains and tears and their notations, and I want to leave a legacy like that for my kids. Keeping them strictly in e-format seems too sanitized to me.

The Orchard

I have a binder divided into sections "Crock Pot", "Dessert", "Main", "Salad" etc. and then each section has sleeves of the recipes that I use most often. If I find a recipe I like on the internet then I print it and add it to the binder. I still have a collection of books and loose papers that need organizing but the binder is helpful because it is my most used recipes.


like the previous poster, i print off recipes and put them into a binder. i also have a box w/recipe cards from family that i keep because i like having recipes used by family members in their handwriting. i also have a few cookbooks that i use regularly, but not many, as i go online for most recipes.


I use Microsoft Office OneNote to organize everything. I can scan all recipes I cut out and copy and paste all my online finds into the OneNote program. I can then divide the recipes into as many sections as I want. The coolest thing about OneNote is that I can search based on recipe title or by any ingredient I want. I use this program also to organize all the crafting ideas and project outlines. I recommend checking to see if the program is already on your computer. It is great.


Oh, I am not nearly so organized as some of these amazing people! I have a little file box with some and the ones that are printed out are folded up and stuck into the pages of my favorite cookbooks. I use rubber bands as bookmarks in some of my favorite cookbooks as well. I have some bookmarked on the computer too. I think I might need to learn a thing or two from some of your other readers! Another great discussion topic Jan!

Ginger & Pickle

i have the most unorganized recipe collection of print outs and magazine pages all tucked into a muffin cookbook I received from some friends when I was 11 years old (20 years of paper!) I have to rifle through to find what I need, and always come across stuff I forgot I had. I should get it organized, but there's something about the hunt and finding recipes covered in oil and batter spatters that feels so comfortable! I don't think I can change this habit - bad or not! I would love to be more organized - I just don't think it's in me! Can't wait to read everyone's suggestions. It's a really good question!


A dear friend handwrote a ring file of her favourite recipes as a gift after the birth of my son - she left blank pages for me to add to - it was such a touching and thoughtful introduction to my new role as a nurturer and provider.

Charlotte x


I have stopped buying recipe books because I don't use them as much anymore... I use cooking blogs and websites such as Epicurious and myrecipes.com to find most of my recipes. I then organize my favorites directly on my computer and I cook with my laptop in the kitchen.

I have also stopped subscriptions to magazines because I can find most of the recipes online for free.


I just heard about this site. http://www.eatyourbooks.com/pages/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fMemberPages%2fMyEyb.aspx- It's called Eat Your Books. Don't know anything yet but it sounds really cool. I love my cookbooks and could never part with them.


I photocopy from books or print recipes from online, 3-whole punch, and put them in their appropriate category in a 3-ring binder with dividers. So easy!

Maven Koesler

I have a big 3 ring binder with Mom's Recipe Book printed on scrap booking paper inside the clear cover and plastic sheet protectors for pages. I test all my recipes whether from my imagination, family, books, or online, and if they rate a repeat they get typed up and printed out with my alterations and go into the binder.
Many old favorites are now unrecognizable from their origins as over the years they have been tweaked and altered to suit my family's tastes. I think I am genetically incapable of following a recipe as written by someone else!
It has literally grown into an original ~Mom's~ Recipe Book.

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