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We live outside the city limits and delivery isn't an option. My dh picks up on his way home from work, or we head up the road to the nearest small town for Pizza King pizza pick up.

We have been trying--and have succeeded!--in using take out far less during 2009. We realized that we never felt satisfied or somehow full after a take out meal. And the cost was getting more expensive with a teenager to feed. Now, we'd rather have a quick meal of omlets than get take-out very often.



We pick up, mostly because we don't want to pay tip but also because our to the two take-out places we do like don't have delivery. One is a catering business that sells the most amazing sandwiches ever and another is a Thai food and donut shop.

Meagan  Grant

We are very lucky to live within walking distance to our downtown spotted with a plethora of various restaurants. Although we've cut our eating out budget for this year, when we do order out, we walk up to get it. Yes, it may not be as hot, but the walk is a nice family moment, or even a solitary moment for my husband or I. Looking forward to the new blog! Well wishes...


We haven't been getting takeout nearly as much lately either. When we do, we often pick it up because many of the places we like do not deliver. However, we are super-lucky to have a fabulous pasta bar and Italian deli less than a mile away that does deliver... even handmade pasta! That is a very special once-in-a-while treat for us. Imagine that, a gorgeous handmade Italian meal, complete with fresh focaccia and salad delivered right to your door!


We normally pick up although we do have one burger and one pizza place that delivers. The problem with our family is that hubby is vegetarian so i usually have to go to two places. We are a fussy bunch. So he will want a veg curry and the kids pizza and I want Chinese. Then its easier to go up the road to the small strip mall where all these shops are and order from each and by the time you get to the last place the first place has finished. Otherwise i go to our local Italian place which is next to our video store, place the order and go and chose a movie while they are busy. Multi tasking!


Panda Express! Panda Express! (http://www.pandaexpress.com). Best takeout ever!! But we usually go with pizza or McDonalds/TacoBell.

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