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  • Updated almost daily. I am a mama of two, part-time event coordinator and aspiring food writer who is passionate about families spending time together in the kitchen. This space is a hodgepodge of recipes made for and with my children. Also included: cookbook reviews, fun party ideas, giveaways and much more. I live in Toronto, ON.

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I love that book. My mother-in-law gave me a copy for Christmas this year. It's so wonderful to have to in my cooking library. This soup looks delicious. Thank:)


Yum! That book looks great. I think it will be the perfect gift for my brother's birthday this year. Thank you for sharing!


I have a great recipe I got along the way for Cauliflower Soup. We *love* it around here and it has you toss a pinch of nutmeg on each bowl of soup. SOOoo yummy!!


I love soup and herbs. I love all the things you can do with them and all the floavor they add. I've never thought of adding nutmeg to soup, but now I have to try it!


Love this new feature! love this page.

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